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Currently working on...

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I am a member and one of the founders of Orion Belt Games.

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Hey there! I’m Paweł, a game designer and programmer.

My hope is creating immersive experiences that go beyond the typical gaming grind. Games, to me, are more than just Skinner boxes. They’re windows into beautiful worlds, sparking exploration and wonder.

Beyond work, I’ve had some wild adventures. From sailing the Arctic to exploring the Sahara, I’ve seen my fair share of the world’s wonders. I’ve even had some expieriance with medical aid (as paramedic) and light infantry tactics (in real-life military simulation).

From the weaknesses: I don’t know how to handle musical instruments. I’d be off-key playing the triangle.

Science fiction is my ultimate escape, with “Dune” by Frank Herbert and Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series holding a special place in my heart. They’re my go-to reads for inspiration and relaxation.

Though I graduated from the Maritime University of Gdynia, my career took a different turn towards optimizing processes in companies and crafting business tools. But my true passion? Game design!